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The Havre de Grace Colored School

Museum and Cultural Center 

Scholarship 2021 Sponsored by 

the Fender Family Fund

Scholarship Opportunity

for Two (2) Deserving Students

The Havre de Grace Colored School Museum and Cultural Center is offering a scholarship to two students to attend Harford Community College for two years. More specifically, this is meant for two students for four semesters, or the completion of a 2-year AA degree or Certificate in a trade program at Harford Community College.  Applicants from minority and under-served communities (students who self-identify as African American, Native American, or Latinx) are encouraged to apply. This scholarship is sponsored by Drew and Lisa Fender and the Fender Family Fund.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Be high school seniors.
  2. Have attended Harford County Public Schools for two consecutive years at the high school level.
  3.  Be admitted into Harford Community College.
  4. Have a current EFC (Expected Family Contribution) level of 1500 or less. 
  5. Must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
  6. Must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and provide documentation of EFC.

How to Apply 

(DEADLINE DATE: April 2, 2021):

Click on the application link below. 

 Fill out and submit the online application, electronically.

Mail, drop off or email the following documents (must be received by April 2, 2021) to:

The Havre de Grace Colored School 

Attn: Scholarship Committee

555 Alliance Street

Havre de Grace, MD 21078

Email: [email protected]

Call: 443-939-0366

Please Note: Scholarship recipients must commit to volunteering at least eight hours per week at the

Havre de Grace Colored School Museum and Cultural Center.

Click Here to Apply

 Requirements and Tips:

Packet Requirements

1. Two letters of recommendation. They can come from a teacher, guidance counselor, or mentor from a community service group. They cannot come from a relative.

2. A photocopy of your student ID.

3. An official school transcript (If emailed, the authenticity seal must be apparent).

4. A brief “resume” describing your extracurricular activities, including work and volunteer experiences.

5. An essay of 500-750 words titled: “Achieving My Dreams” Your essay should address these three points:

a.  Describe what “dream career” you would like to pursue after you receive your degree and why.

b.  How your career choice will contribute to advancing society.

c.   How this scholarship will help you achieve this dream. Be sure to include your name and school at the top of the essay.

Tips for Your Application

1.  Make sure you are submitting all necessary application components (There are 6 components). Refer to the Announcement for a checklist.

2.  Make sure all your components are neat and typed.

3.  Make sure your name is on all pages of each component.

4.  Make use of a spell checker and grammar checker.

5.  Do not plagiarize.

6.  Make sure your essay reflects who you are.

7.  Have an adult review your essay.

8.  Have an adult review your entire submission package

If e-mailing your application components, be sure to send them as pdfs. One pdf with all components is preferred.