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The First Class

Class of 1932

Our Honored Charter Members


$50,000 +


$30,000 +

Harford Mutual Insurance Group


$20,000 +

Drew and Lisa Fender and Family Scholarship Fund

Ms. Patricia Cole in honor of her father Mr. Bernard J. Cole, Class of 1949


$10,000 +


$5,000 +

BG (Retired) Roosevelt Barfield on behalf of Patricia Cole-Barfield in honor of her father, Bernard J. Cole

The Hash Family and in honor of Bert J. and Stella J. Hash, Sr.

Community Projects of Havre de Grace, Inc.


$2,500 +

Ms. Anita Boorman

VANHATT, L.L.C., in honor of Mr. Vandellia and Mrs. Hattie Williams

The Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge (F&AM) of Maryland and Its Jurisdictions, Inc.


RW Gerald C. Matthews, Jr.

RW Jessie J. Shanks, Sr.

RW Lawrence K. Montgomery, Jr.

RW Charles D. Corum

RW Kevin E. Cosby, Sr.

PM Walter Winder

RW Jacque Brown

Noble Dwayne Adams

Noble Melvin Adderley

Noble Phillip James


$1,000 +

Brown, Kell, Tildon & Williams Families

Allen & Sylvia Bryan

Ms. Janice Barrow-Widman

Mr. Edmundt & Mrs. Irene Gion

Mr. Donald & Mrs. Wendy Claus and the Claus Family Giving Fund

Mr. Lawrence L. Cole, Sr. in honor of his brother Bernard J. Cole

Consolidated Alumni Association

Mr. Emmitt Fletcher & Mrs. Vera Fletcher

Mrs. Janice E. Grant and Mr. Woodrow B. Grant

Ms. Janice Grant in honor of James Simmons & Melvin Reed

Ms. Janice Grant in honor of Kenny Moorehead

Harford County Branch of NAACP

Mr. Ronald Hathway

Mr. Phillip Hunter

Ms. Marsha Jacksteit

Ms. May Kuroiwa

Lower Susquehanna Heritage Greenway, Inc.

Mr. David & Nancy Lynch

Mr. John Morter

Mr. Jessie J. Shanks, Sr.

Ms. Amy Shipley

St. James AME Church

Dr. Clayton C., Jr. & Mrs. Catherine P. Stansbury in honor of Clayton C., Sr. & Mrs. Mary L. Stansbury, George T. Stansbury, Mr. Russell D. Stansbury

Mrs. Carrie Gordon, Mr. Eddie Franklin, Sr. (Bus Driver), and the 1951 Graduating Class

Rev Roger L. Tatuem and Miriam L. Tatuem

Ms. Bonnie Watts-Cook

Mr. Gerard D. Paradis, Jr.


$500 +

Mr. Glenn Carrington

Mr. Isaac Cole in honor of Sheldon Cole, Ella Mae Cole, Edwin L. Cole, Janet Cole Winn

Mr. Robert W. Cole, Jr. in honor of Ms. Gladys Beatrice Cole, class of 1949

Ms. Mary F. Crowe

Harford County Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

Mr. Edmund & Mrs. Irene Goin

Dr. George M. Hampton

Ms. Jean Johnson

Les Charmantes Social Club

Mr. Joshua League

The Family of Nathaniel & Dorothy Mullen

Rev. Norman and Mrs. Suzanne Obenshain

Mrs. Lillie (Cole) Paschall in honor of Robert "Bubby" Cole, Bernard J. Cole, and Vivian (Cole) Robinson, loving bothers and sister

The Havre de Grace Rotary Club

Ms. Joyce Shambley

Mr. Richard Spencer and Mrs. Jo Ann Spencer

St. Matthew A.U.M.P. Church

Dr. Clayton C., Jr. & Mrs. Catherine P. Stansbury

Mr. Theodore Stokes

Ms. Brittany Powell and Mr. Greg Brittany Teitelbaum 

Union United Methodist Church

Ms. Debbie Walters

Ms. Mildred (Williams) Batte

Ms. Mary Williams

Ms. Eva Williams

Ms. Gladys I. Williams

Mrs. Catherine (Williams) Burks

Mr. James W. Whitehead, Jr. 

Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Beta Chapter Lines of 1985, 1986 and 1988 in memory of Ms. Cleo P. Hoke


$100 +

Ms. Brigette B. Adkins

Alchemy Enterprises, LLC.

Ms. Carol Allen

Amanda's Florist & Gifts

Lieutenant Colonel Aric Arnold & Mrs. Cheryl Arnold

The Havre de Grace Arts Collective

Colonel Warrren & Mrs. Andrena Bacote

Ms. Joann Bagnorise

Ms. Kylie Barfield in honor of Mr. Bernard J. Cole, Class of 1949

Andre' Batson

Mr. Daniel & Mrs. Iris Barnes

Mr. Graham Becker

Mrs. Cassandra Beverley-Goffin

Colonel (Retired) Michael Black

Mr. Stevenson Bolden in honor of James Bolden & in memory of Adell Bolden

Mr. Willie Brown in memory of Ms. Mary Francis Williams

Mr. Ronald Browning

Mrs. Carol Bruce

Mr. Don Bruce in honor of Mrs. Elizabeth Joyner Sawyer

Ms. Lona Bryan

Ms. Donna Burton

Mr. & Mrs. Albert & Betty Caffo in memory of Rose Carter, one of the first Black female graduates of Ohio State University

Ms. Deborah Campbell

Ms. Richard Carey

Ms. Joy M. Carter

Ms. Tonya & Mr. Tyno Carter

Ms. Phyllis Chaney

Mr. James & Carolyn Chrismer

Mr. James & Mrs. Greta Clark

Ms. Andrea Taylor Claud in honor of my mother Catherine D. Taylor & in memory of my father Andrew E. Taylor

Mr. Godfrey Clayton

Ms. Beth Clinkenbeard

Ms. Cleo Cole in honor of Bernard J. Cole, class of 1949

Mr. Bernard A. Cole and Mrs. Trudy C. Cole in honor of Bernard J. Cole, father

Ms. Sheryl L. Coleman

Mr. Edgar & Ms. Dorothy Collins

Mr. Charles Corum

Ms. Gwendolyn Crimiel

Mr. Emil Cromwell

Mr. Emmeth & Mrs. Barbara Daniel

The Delta Education and Public Service Foundation

Mr. Allen Deshong

Mr. Larry Dickinson

Ms. Sharon Downey

Ms. Elizabeth Buck Duggan in honor and memory of Amy Shipley and her legacy, with love and respect, the family of Frank Buck

Mr. Thomas & Mrs. Suzanne Downey

Mr. Gregory Elder

Ms. Linda Ellis (wife) and Pumpkin Johnson (daughter) in honor of John Francis Ellis, Sr. (Buster)

Ms. Florene Fields

Ms. Patricia Fisher

Ms. Margaret S. Fluitt

Ms. Kathleen Fitzhugh in memory of Ms. Mary Grace "Gracie" Hawkins

Ms. Margaret S. Fluitt

Ms. Ellen Garriest

Mr. Edmund Gion

Ms. Irene Gion

Golden Pillars Financial Services Group, LLC, Rudy Johnson, President & CEO

Ms. Tamara Green

Ms. Pamala Griffin

Jessie, Archie, Jason Grimmett

Ms. Gloria Hagans

Ms. Mary Hastler

Colonel (Retired) Mechelle Hale

Ms. Hazeline Harris

Winford Harvey

Mr. John Hawkins

Mr. Edward Hayes

Richard & Mary Herbig

Wynona C. Hilton-Stanley

Ms. Lillian Holloman

Ms. Lois Hoffer

Ms. Cleo P. Hoke in honor of Ted & Margaret Hoke

Ms. Lorraine Holman

J.M. Holland

Ms. Aravia Holloman

Ms. Lorraine Holman

Ms. Gwen Hopson

Ms. Patricia House

Mrs. Marie Harris Green in loving memory Ms. Cathererine Hooks

Mr. George Hudson

Ms. Joyce L. Hunter

Ms. Mary Jacksteit

Mrs. Brenda & Dr. David F Jaffe, MD, in honor of Marcia Jaffe and the Shaker Group on Race Relations (SGORR)

Mr. Bernard Leon James, Sr.

Mr. Harold E. James

Mr. John & Mrs. Ernestine Jenkins

Mr. Richard & Mrs. Lillie Jessie

Mr. David Johnson

Mr. Rudy Johnson

Mr. Theodore Johnson and Mrs. Julie A. Johnson

Jones Junction

Elijah Johnson

Mr. Rodolfo Johnson

Mr. Theodore Johnson and Mrs. Julie A. Johnson

Ms. Leafay Jones in honor of Mr. & Mrs. Adlean Henry

Jones Junction

Ms. Patricia & Mr. Stephen Kazlo

Ms. Kathleen Keen

Ms. Dianne Klair

Mr. Francisco O. Landers in honor of Mateo A. Landers

Ms. Cynthia Laurie

Mr. Joshua League

Mrs. Cleathan S. Lewis and Mr. Robert H. Lewis

Ms. Donna E. Lewis

Samuel J. Ennis Lodge, F. & A. PHA

Lyvonne Group Partners

Mr. Alfred and Mrs. Barbara Malloy

Mr. Bruce & Mrs. Barbara Martin

Ms. Tanika V. Martin

Mr. Thomas May

Ms. Charita Mayo

Mr. James & Mrs. Mary McCauley

Mr. Jack & Mrs. Cheryl McLaughlin

RW Lawrence K. Montgomery, Jr.

J. Noble Mentzer on behalf of Mr. Daniel Stevens

J. Noble Mentzer on behalf of Mr. Bobby Parker, Class of 1962

Ms. Ellen L. Mencer in honor of Mr. Leon Grimes

Mr. Ben & Mrs. Diane Mertorana

Mr. Al Miller

Ms. Agnes Minor

Mr. James Mitchell, Jr.

Benedict Mortorana

Dr. Malcolm J. Murray, DDS PC

Ms. Sandra Nething

Network for Good

North East Towson Improvement Association, Inc.

Ms. Marita O'Connell

One Stop Liquors

Mr. Neal & Mrs. Robin Outing

Ms. Beverly Parker

Ms. Harriet Parker

Mr. Al Peteraf & Mrs. Suzanne Chadwick-Petera

Mr. John Peyton

Ms. Teresa Polk

Mr. Curthis & Mrs. Toni Porter

Ms. Marla Lea Posey-Moss

City Councilman Jason Robertson & Ms. Tracy Robertson

Mr. Neal & Mrs. Robin Outing

Ms. Lenora Robinson

Temesgen Samuel

Mr. Chris & Mrs. Elena Sempos

Ms. Melissa Sharff

Mr. Brian Simmons

Ms. Cynthia Simpson

Ms. Helen Sloan

Ms. Janice Smith in memory of Mr. Clayton D. Edwards

Colonel (Ret) Johnny Smith

Ms. Brenda "Thurl" Snell

Ms. Barbara Snyder

Stack & Store Mini Storage, LLC.

Rubbie Speights

Mr. Richard Stubing

Mr. Wilbert Terry

Ms. Bonita J. Thomas

Mr. Mark Thomas

Ms. Christine Tolbert

Honorable Cassandra Tomarchio

Kadiatoy Traore

Ms. Cheryl Tucker

Union United Methodist Church

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Harford County

Ruth & Clarence Vaughn

Mr. Jerry Warfield

Mrs. Marjorie Warfield

Ms. Maxine Warfield

Ms. Dominique White

Mr. Reginald Wilks

Ms. Brenda Williams

Ms. Kerri B. Williams

Mr. Joseph & Mrs. Constance Williams

Mr. Kenneth & Mrs. Merle Wilson

Ms. Carolyn Woodson

Honorable Monica Worrell

Mr. Leon & Mrs. Mattie Yarbough 


$50 +

Christopher ProvidenceChristopher ProvidenceCrispin Abad

Mr. Andrew Adams

Errolyn Anderson

Patience Afanie

Mrs. Tinisha Belt

Ms. Linda & Mr. George Blake

Ms. Erica Blanch

Ms. Diane Ampey Brown

Ms. Candice Bryant

Ms. Sheila Bryant

Ms. Jeanenne M. Butler

Mr. Charles Byrd (Mr. Gary Lee)

Mr. Bradford Caldwell

Ms. Mabel S. Carlton

Mr. Thomas Carroll

Ms. Colleen Cates

Mr. George Cardona

Ms. Mabel S. Carlton

Mr. Thomas Carroll

Ms. Lisa Dawson

Mr. Larry Dickinson

Mr. John Durand

Frances Epps

Ms. Margaret Ferguson

Ms. Vanessa Francis in memory of Patricia A. (Ford) Francis

Ms. Monolyne Gaddy

Anna & Edward Hoover

Ms. Lorraine Jackson

Ms. Gloria R. James

Ms. Rosalind Jeffries

Mrs. Shirleen A. Johnson and Mr. Alfred Martin Johnson, Jr.

Ms. Evelyn Jordan

Ms. Mary Kniep

Mr. Lester Lee, Sr.

Mr. Gary Lee in honor of Ms. Rosetta Jones, Class of 53

Mr. David McCarthy

Mr. James & Mrs. Mary McCauley

Joseph & Patricia Mergler

Seneca Cannery-Special Account, Patricia Mergler

Ms. Camay Murphy

Major Leonard J. Newman

Ms. Brandie A. Parker

Mr. Richard & Irene Pattin

PJ & Co.

T Pierce

Ms. Rhonda Proctor

Mr. Christopher Providence

Carole & Dennis Roney

Mr. Russell & Ms. Sandra Riddell

Mr. Dennis & Mrs. Carole Roney

Ms. Amy Rosenkrans

Ms. Doris Runice

Mr. Russell & Ms. Sandra Riddell

Marion Seth

Ms. Rebecca Sledge

Pelbea Sharpe

Mr. Hermon & Mrs. Angela Smith

Rev. Marcus Stansbury

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Stump

Rosalind & Dennis Thomas

Mr. Dennis & Mrs. Rosalind Thomas

Regena Walker

Deann Webb

Mr. Rowland Webb

Mr. Harvey and Mrs. Dorthula Woodson

Mr. Lawrence Worthington, Jr. & Mrs. Cheryl Worthington


$25 +

Ms. Patience Afranie

Ms. Lillian L. Alston

Mr. Willie & Maitonia Barr

Ms. Adelaide Bentley

Ms. Christie J. Blackmon

Mr. Michael Bracknell

Ms. Patrice Brown

Mr. Timothy Butler

Ms. Joy Carter

Kathleen Carter

Ms. Cynitha Chambers

Ms. Penny Cortez

Antoinette Coward

Ms. Lisa Davis

Ms. Paulette D. Dennis

Ms. Brigette' Dickerson in memory of Mr. LeRoy Dickerson

Ms. Renee M. Forney

Ms. Loretta Freeman

Ms. Mary Ann Gross

Mr. Jimmy Hall

Ms. Pamela Holt

Ms. Joyce L. Hunter

Ms. Virginia L. Jones

Mr. Hyndel Kempler

Ms. Imani Lewis

Ms. Ophelia R. Marable

Ms. Patricia Mergler

Ms. Casandra Monroe

Mr. Joseph Megler, Jr. & Mrs. Patricia Mergler

Remeja Murray

Mr. Peter & Mrs. Nichole Murray

Ms. Cheryl Oliver

Ms. Donna Oliver-Freeman

Ms. Rosa Perry

Ms. Hellen Reddick

Ms. Mary C. Richardson

Del Sellers

Ms. Doretha Walker

Mr. Van Washington

Chiwy Webster

Ms. Patricia M. Willis

Ms. Patricia Willard

Errin Williams

Mr. Brian Wilson

Mr. Al Wood

Mr. Lawrence & Mrs. Cheryl Worthington 


Ms. Erica Alexander

Ms. Kathryn Baerwald

Mr. Timothy Butler

Sue Capp

Queen Carroll

Mr. John Cooper

Ryan Duff

Ms. Michele Edmonds

Ms. Evelyn El

Gene Fitzgerald

Daniel Fountain

Mr. Jimmy Hall

Ms. Barbara Kemp

Bruce & Barbara Martin

Ms. Amelia Merrill

Ms. Barbara Mobarak

Ms. Val Oliver

Mr. Richard Presbury

Ms. Cora Wilson

Newsome Awards in honor of Dr. Frederick Douglass Were-Newsome.

Ms. Lavinia Wishon in honor Ms. Bertha Waldon (Taylor)

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